Perseverence RSS feed for public list Perseverence Armond goes to a party : a book about Asperger's and friendship by Carlson, Nancy L., Big words for little people / by Curtis, Jamie Lee, Busy-busy Little Chick / by Harrington, Janice. Friends at the end = The tortoise and the hare / by Granowsky, Alvin Gumption / by Broach, Elise. Hudson Taylor, the missionary who won a nation by prayer / by Alex, Marlee LOTS : The diversity of life on earth by Davies, Nicola, Rosie Revere, engineer / by Beaty, Andrea, The Hare and the Tortoise and Snow White by Lefevre, A. M. The snowdrop / by Andersen, Hans Christian. The things Lou couldn't do by Spires, Ashley. The Tortoise and the Hare : by Stevens, Janet Today I will fly! / by Willems, Mo. True survival stories by Dowswell, Paul.